Miles Chapman (M.C.)

"Drunk, Lush, Broken, lost"

Philosophy: "Give me another"

MC (Patrick Tyrrell) was a shy,  awkward child that spent much of his time reading books and solving puzzles. Continuing his awkwardness into high school, his parents encouraged him to join the debate team. MC excelled at debating and won national and international competitions. MC went on to college and earned a JD from Yale before joining the law firm of Wells, Dickerson and Jones. After only 4 years he was named partner and lived the life of a movie star after getting a well known football star off of murder charges.

In 2008, MC was invited to a party at Ms. Truck and Hitch 2004-2007's house and fell in love. He quit his job and fell on hard times before being invited to be the house emcee for the daily beauty pageants. MC tried quitting alcohol but he can't face the past that he left behind.

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