Episode 3: Quonics

Smooch cooks with his life long friend LA (Kieth Edison), a smooth talking brother from L.A., and his vision impaired wife Quon (Jerli Lynn Endo), a stoic ex-Triad operative with a chip on her shoulders and a brownie recipe that could get even Gold Finger to talk. Believing that Quon is a “non-partaker”, Smooch and LA must perform the “behind-the-back-butter-switch-aroo” in order to get the THC into Quon’s delectable brownies known as The Quonics. But Quon has a few secrets of her own. 

Will Smooch and LA, once again, trick Quon and pull off the “behind-the-back-butter-switch-aroo” and taint Quons delicious brownies? Does Quon even give a shit?