Paddy "Nappy" McBride


Philosophy: "If Nancy Grace was a bee keeper Ash Wednesday would be this Friday"

Nappy (Ted Tunney)  was born in Poland to Polish and Italian parents. Having spent his youth working in the coal mines his parents emigrated to America to become pig farmers. Tired of poor ventilation Nappy decided to follow his parents to America and ended up becoming a cab driver in Harlem N.Y. where realized he could combine his love of photography and sex by  installing hidden cameras into his taxis. He sold his footage to an upskirt website and made small fortune. He decided to pursue his love of the arts and became a bartender at a small jazz and blues club. Noticing that Paddy's hair was always nappy,  Jake the snake, a trombone player started calling Paddy  "Nappy" and the name stuck .

One fateful wintery night during a sleet storm, Smooch stumbled into the bar, and the rest is history. "Potluck" was born and Nappy, once again, was making videos, but this time with his subject's consent. 

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