"cuddly, lovable, jovial, Winnie-the-Pooh"

Philosophy: "Be cool. Be kind. Because!"

Smooch comes from a long line of cooks. His father was a cook in the military, his mother had a small catering business and his sister is a cook at a local elementary school. His early years were spent helping his mother prepare and serve high end foods for her clients, gourmet dishes that would never see the table at the Smooch residence. While he honed his culinary skills when working with his mother, it wasn’t until he was an adult and encountered some hard times that he cultivated his love of the tainted edible.

The only thing that Smooch loves more than an infused treat are his buddies. He surrounds himself with an eclectic group of friends that are as unpredictable as they are diverse. He believes that the more you lift up others, the more you lift yourself. And everyday he has but one goal, to lift himself as "high" as he can.

As the host of Potluck with Smooch, he guides the show and leads the cooking but, ultimately,  lets the silliness take over by bringing out each guest cook’s inner strangeness. 

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