Sookie  "Sook" Sullivan
Make Up Artist

"Smarty pants,  Bitchy, Self conscious , Hopeless romantic (when she wants too) , Hangry (angry when hungry), But all and all a nice girl (hahahahaha) " 

Philosophy: "None of your damn business....Damn you so nosey""

Quirks/interesting facts:

1. Borderline genius.

2. She dreams of losing weight but loves food way too much. 

3. She loves anime so much when she talks about it her voice change to high pitch cartoon voice because of excitement.  This is the only time she this cheerful. 

4. She's also a Game of Thrones fanatic.  Always quoting something from it and used to be in love with Jon Snow but now she loves the Imp.

5. She's bi-polar.  She's either bitching about something or she's super excited about something. 

6.  She has an imaginary twin sister.  

7.  She has several online dating accounts looking for love.  

8. Secretly in love with......(that's a secret fool)  

9. She's still a virgin and everybody wants to pop her cherry but they always got beat up or kick in the groin.

Sook (June Jones) grew up from very privileged, parents are very rich and she was kinda spoiled until her father cut her off and told to her to fend for herself until she values money and change before he lets her back in the family.  No body knows what her family business is tho, it's a secret I....uh I mean, she doesn't want to discuss. 

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