Lotus X Lemurian                   Scripty

"Gypsy-Bohemian Resourceful Sorceress with a trust fund, a flair for fashion & a heart of gold"  

Philosophy: Que Sera, Sera. C'est la vie…so lighten up, dress up & enjoy the ride!

Excerpts from Crystal Living Magazine, Profile Interview Sept. 2013

Oilspotted as a teen from her commune bus life with a rollicking ever-changing gang of some of the world’s best musicians and their cohorts, Lola has since traveled the globe giving her style an un-pin-down-able effortless whimsy. We caught up with her in Crete to photograph her atelier for the summer as she works on her mermaid jewelry line available solely in Barcelona.

Crystal Living Lola, your song “Quelque Chose” that reached number 11 on the pop charts last year is certainly unconventional, as are you. We learned many of your conundrums and anomeles on your album “Star Seed” , but tell us more!

Lotus: For me, The glass is always half full and did you notice what a gorgeous glass it is? But if Aunt Rose is visiting, the glass is shattered.  Children and pets adore me; sometimes the feeling is mutual.  I’ve managed to stay streetwise but not get world weary. I will find the good in people to a fault, but if you hurt a living creature or work of art, watch your back. I have a love/hate relationship with all things Martha Stewart. I’m an ace at astrology but can’t do my own chart because I don’t know my time or place of birth, or my true mother or father for that matter. Time eludes me, but seasons affect me. My friends tell me they worry and get angry when I disappear for days on end, but everyone seems to forgive when I give the best presents upon my return. I might decide last minute not to come, but want to be invited.

Crystal Living: What do you think your friends would tell you in a pure honesty intervention moment?

Lotus: Oh dear, ummm…well probably….You hug too long and gaze too intently…No one can be that happy all the time…You smell like chocolate chip cookies sprinkled with leather and pepper  dipped in sandalwood rose.. ..Ask before you borrow! …We can’t see you waving after we’ve gone around the corner. …We don’t always want to know what you see in our future, nor is EVERYTHING a sign! …You’ve got glitter issues. …If you are so “non attached” what’s the deal with the OCD OTT panic over your quirky desperately important items?... Easy on the bronzer. …But if you change, we’ll never forgive you.

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